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1.org.nz - One Community - Where all the NZ jewish community meet

Shalom and welcome to One Community - a virtual community for the entire Jewish population of New Zealand. This site is dedicated to the promotion of all Jewish organizations and to providing a comprehensive array of information and services such as a Community Diary, business and community notices, an on-line booking & registration system and more. These services are offered free of charge and are not solicited nor or affiliated to any organization or individual this is an attempt to provide an all encompassing service for the entire Jewish population of New Zealand, regardless of religious or cultural affiliation or origin. We trust that you will avail yourself of this service.

We welcome you to JOIN Our weekly newsletter by typing your name and email address at the bottom of this page. We will keep you informed every Friday with the latest community news.

In order to provide accuracy, fast update and availability to all the organisations in the community - One Community's system provides you with ONEaccess which allows any organisation to publish articles and items , open an event in the Community Diary, allow and manage booking/registration to an event and more.

If your organisation would like to join ONEaccess please contact us for your unique log-in details. If you are not a community organisation and would like to add any news, events, plans, ads, comments or other information, please send email to info@1.org.nz .

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