By Rossella Tercatin for the Jerusalem Post…  

Half of Israelis think that the country should take into account the impact of its policy decisions on Diaspora Jews, the 2019 Israeli Foreign Policy Index by the Mitvim Institute has revealed.

Of those, 14% stated that they should be considered to a large extent, and 36% to a moderate extent, while 29% said to a small extent and only 6% not at all.

The Mitvim Institute describes itself as an independent think tank which aims to “reshape Israel’s relations in the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean,” to promote “regional-belonging for Israel” and to promote “Israeli-Arab peace.”

The 2019 Foreign Policy Index marks the seventh edition of the survey. It was carried out by the Rafi Smith Institute in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung by polling a representative sample of Israel’s adult population.

Seven hundred people – Jews and Arabs – were interviewed about several topics, including the country’s foreign relations and service, its role within the region and its dealings with Palestinians.

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