By Shalom.Kiwi…

In 2003 cartoonist Malcolm Evans was sacked from the NZ Herald amidst some controversy.  His single-tracked focus on Israel, and the vitriolic and offensive nature of some of his cartoons, had led to accusations of antisemitism. He was warned by his then editor to temper his fixation on Israel but refused, leading to his dismissal.

Since then Evans’s cartoons have received a limited circulation, now mostly through the Northland Age. Although 15 years have passed since he left the NZ Herald, Evans has lost none of his fervent hatred for Israel, Israelis, and, some would argue, Jews. (See the gallery of some of his cartoons on Israel, both pre and post 2003, in the full article on Shalom.Kiwi.)

Evans’s cartoons often cast Israelis in a demonic light, taking glee in the slaughter of innocents, and make comparisons between the Israeli government and the world’s most despotic and murderous regimes, including the Nazis and the regime of Syria’s Assad, which has killed over half a million of its own people.

They exonerate Palestinians entirely of any wrongdoing in the conflict, and depict Israelis as bloodthirsty, racist, machiavellian monsters that control US foreign policy. They frequently fall squarely within the widely-adopted International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism.

On Thursday 18 December 2018, the Northland Age published Evans’ latest cartoon…

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