• Saturday 19 October: Shabbat Sukkot Chol Hamo’ed.
  • Sunday 20 October at 6.30pm: Erev Simchat Torah followed by Israeli dancing and a pot-luck dessert. There will be crafts in the library for children from 6pm. Parents please bring some snacks for your children during the craft session as dessert will be late.
  • Monday 21 October: Our Simchat torah morning service with Yizkor will start at 10am. This will sadly also be our last service with Rabbi Miri.
  • Saturday 16 November: There will be a shared finger food lunch following the Shabbat morning service.
  • Friday 22 November: Members of Beth Shalom are invited to join the Waikato Jewish Association for an Erev Shabbat service and also a celebration of their 25th.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There is no longer any parking available at Headway House opposite the shul during daylight hours of the working week. Weekends and evenings, please do not park in front of the gates on the property. This an accessway for Headway House tenants.

A reminder about our prayers for healing: if you would like our home prayer group to pray for healing for you or for someone close to you please advise the office.