By Marc Daalder on Newsroom…

The past two weeks have seen far-right YouTubers placed under the microscope, with police investigating one and another suspended from his job.

For years, Christchurch-based far-right extremist Lee Williams has uploaded videos rife with racism and conspiracy theories without consequence. In a matter of days, in May, that all came crashing down.

Williams runs the CrossTheRubicon YouTube channel, where he has referenced the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, which posits that Jewish elites are flooding Western countries with non-white migrants for nefarious purposes. After the March 15 terror attack, Williams was visited twice by police, ostensibly over his posts.

More recently, he has taken to denouncing the results of the United States Presidential election and an “unholy alliance” between “Marxists and political Islam”.

But it wasn’t until he targeted Te Paati Maori MPs in a series of videos, attacking them for their support of the He Puapua report, that many people took notice. In one, he says co-leader Rawiri Waititi “can’t wait to get his hands in the money pot – the coffers of New Zealand”.

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