Jack Brook is looking for help from the community to try and find out some family history (about Kurt Heinz Fleischmann/John James Bernard)… Here’s his request:

Over lockdown I have been doing some research into my step-dad’s family history. His grandfather (Gustav Fleischmann) was the only one of 5 siblings to make it out of Nazi Germany (to South Africa in 1936 with his wife and 2 sons) whilst the remaining 4 would die in Dachau and the Lódz ghetto.

We’d always thought that no one else on that side of the family survived so it was a wonderful surprise to discover another survivor!

I found out about Kurt Fleischmann (who has the same name as my step-dad’s father) through a Red Cross letter on the Arlosen Archive he wrote in 1945 from New Zealand requesting information on his mother (Anni Lucas nee Dumat- she had divorced Alexander Fleischmann in 1935, I wonder if she wasn’t Jewish).

Trying to find out more I discovered Kurt Heinz Fleischmann was interned on Somes Island during the war and later changed his name to John James Bernard. From this link (https://billiongraves.com/grave/John-James-Bernard/13083782) there is the gravestone of a (I presume the) John James Bernard which mentions his wife, children and grandchildren.

I’m not sure this is the right place to ask but I was wondering if there is any more information out there about Kurt/John and his family and how I’d go about finding it. It would be amazing to discover more.

Please contact Jack at jackdbrook@gmail.com if you think you might have some useful information for him.