Children’s Holocaust Memorial Exhibition at Turanga Christchurch Central Library: July 22-September 13

This significant New Zealand-inspired and designed Memorial and public programme of events provides an opportunity to inspire and empower individuals to stand against prejudice, discrimination and apathy.

A memorial made by young people to honour other young people who were killed in their millions in another place and time.

We encourage you to visit this powerful and moving memorial to the children of the Holocaust to learn more and reflect on what must never be forgotten.

How many is 1.5 million?
The Germans and their collaborators killed as many as 1.5 million children during the Holocaust including children related to New Zealand’s Holocaust survivors and refugees.

When Justine Hitchcock (Principal of Wellington’s Moriah Jewish Day School) was teaching her young pupils about the Holocaust she decided to help the children understand the enormity of 1.5 million lives lost.

Justine initiated a project to collect 1.5 million buttons — one button for each child that perished. The children themselves managed the project, no child was more than 12-years old. Buttons were sent in from the local Wellington community, from across New Zealand and even from overseas. Many buttons came with personal stories and photographs.

The project evolved into a story of collective remembrance — a memorial.

The majority of the buttons will be contained in a truly unique design and installation by Matthijs Siljee of Massey University’s School of Design; the design includes a series of cascading metallic cabinets containing the buttons.

Strong education focus
The memorial has a strong education focus including an interactive educational section — especially relevant for school children.

The Holocaust in Services to School’s Topic Explorer tool also has curated online resources for students.

The focus of the memorial is to teach:

  • what the Holocaust was
  • how children were affected by the Holocaust
  • the importance of being an ‘Upstander, not a bystander’ when you witness bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Programme of free events:

The story of the Children’s Holocaust Memorial
Discover the story behind the Memorial with Chris Harris, CEO of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand and guests.
Tautoru / TSB Space, Hapori | Community, Level 1

Wednesday 22 July, 5pm for a 5.30pm start

Upstander Stories
An evening of stories and discussion about the importance in Christchurch to be Upstanders, encourage inclusivity and respect diversity in all its forms.

This is a special LinC Activator event in collaboration with Christchurch City Libraries as part of The Children’s Holocaust Memorial.

Chris Harris – CEO Holocaust Centre of New Zealand
Jo Bailey, Zahra Hussaini and Rebecca Parnham – Uniting Canterbury Women
Tayla Reece, Rose Cook, Aporonia Arahanga and Ayesha Jones – LinC Pu?wai Youth Programme
Tautoru / TSB Space, Hapori | Community, Level 1
Tuesday 11 August, 6pm, doors open 5.30pm.
Bookings required, click here to register

picture?folder=default0%2FINBOX&id=432321&uid=image002.png%4001D65A8C - Children's Holocaust Memorial Exhibition at Turanga Christchurch Central Library

Guided Tours

Personal tours of the Memorial with Chris Harris, CEO of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand.
Tautoru / TSB Space, Hapori | Community, Level 1

Thursday 23 July, 6pm
Friday 24 July, 12pm
Tuesday 11 August, 12pm

Documentary Screenings:

Screenings of NZ Survivor Stories and The Courage to Care, documentaries that profile Jews who were rescued during the Holocaust, rescuers from France, Poland and Holland and the questions raised about the moral and ethical dilemmas that the rescuers confronted.

Ng? Purapura / Activity Room, Hapori | Community, Level 1
Sunday 2 August, 2pm
Saturday 5 September, 2pm

Book Launch and Activities:

picture?folder=default0%2FINBOX&id=432321&uid=image003.jpg%4001D65A8C - Children's Holocaust Memorial Exhibition at Turanga Christchurch Central Library

Join writer Elissa Weissman for launch of the paperback version of her novel The Length of A String. A novel about Imani, a young girl who is adopted, and ready to search for her birth parents. But when she discovers the diary her Jewish great-grandmother wrote chronicling her escape from Holocaust-era Europe, Imani begins to see family in a new way. There will also be lots of fun activities to enjoy.

Free, no bookings required.

Tautoru / TSB Space, Hapori | Community, Level 1
Sunday 13 September, 3pm