Complaint against full-page ISRAEL Ad ungrounded

A complaint was laid with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) regarding a full page article/advertisement placed in all major papers on 14 May 2019.

The article, entitled “At 71 Israel as a Jewish State is Justified”, was written by Pastor Nigel Woodley of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship Church in Hastings and sponsored by the FOR THE PROTECTION OF ZION TRUST.

The article upheld the right of the Jewish People to live on their indigenous and historical homeland in the land of Israel.

The complainant (R Malone) stated: “This advertisement is promoting the creation of an apartheid state where non-Jewish are considered to be sub=human citizens.”

The Chair (of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board) said the advertisement before her had been prepared with a due sense of social responsibility required and ruled it was not in breach of Principles 1 and 2 or Rules 1 (c) or 2(e) of the Advertising Standards Code.

The Chair ruled there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

The official ASA Complaints Board ruling is attached.

Pastor Nigel Woodley