Kiwi pop superstar Lorde has run smack bang into a Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) driven backlash following her announcement that she would be performing a concert in Israel.

Earlier this week, Lorde announced her world tour for her latest hit album, Melodrama – and confirmed that she was scheduled to do a concert on 5 June at Tel Aviv’s Convention Center.

It was to be Lorde’s first concert in Israel and the upcoming show was covered widely in Jewish media. (See the Ynet story at,7340,L-5058537,00.html)

However, the news was immediately met with harsh criticism and protest, largely driven by the New Zealand Palestine Solidary Network.

Musicfeeds reported that Lorde was to play a show in Israel and that some of her fans aren’t happy:

The NZ Herald reported that the pressure was mounting on Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv concert:

Meanwhile, blogger WhaleOil wrote that as predicted, the BDS is attacking Lorde for wanting to play in Israel:

Throughout the week, the argument over Lorde’s decision to play in Israel has raged, with her critics urging her to reconsider and use her public profile to make a political stand.

However, some fans have come out in support of Lorde, who originally rose to fame with her worldwide hit Royals when she was just 17.

Yet now, in the most recent development, it seems that Lorde might be rethinking her Israel concert in the wake of the backlash:

Lorde joins a growing list of famous musicians – including Nick Cave, Radiohead and Madonna – who have been targeted by the BDS movement with campaigns to stop them playing in Israel.

Many of the musicians, including those mentioned above, have gone ahead to play in Israel despite the campaigns waged against them.