By Heath Moore for the NZ Herald…

A “ludicrous” leaflet comparing the Government’s lockdown laws to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust has been slammed by the NZ Jewish Council.

Earlier this week a leaflet was attached to a pole in Shirley, Christchurch, telling readers Covid-19 is the “Trojan horse to allow tyranny to take over”.

In it, it claims if New Zealanders were to snitch on a person for violating quarantine laws, then they would have “snitched on Anne Frank”, a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis until her death in 1945, in WWII.

The leaflet goes on to remind readers “the Holocaust didn’t begin with Jews being put onto trains. The average German had no idea what the future held when the propaganda against Jewish people, and the orders from the government to turn in neighbours, began”.

It also suggests Covid-19 is being used as a “power grab” by governments and warns of similarities to the beginning stages of Nazi Germany.

NZ Jewish Council spokesperson Juliet Moses told the Herald while it was important for a free society to discuss the pros and cons of lockdown, the context of the leaflet was damaging and trivialised the atrocities that occurred before and during World War II…

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