By Sharon Brettkelly on Radio NZ…

The Detail visits one of the largest – and last – clothing manufacturers in the country, Ben Kepes’ Albion Clothing. 

The first thing you see from the top of the stairs at the Albion Clothing factory in Christchurch is a line of national flags.

Beyond them, on the factory floor, are rows of sewing machines. There are bolts of fabric lining one wall and racks of finished clothing on the opposite side.

This isn’t just any clothing, but police and Defence Force uniforms, as well as apparel for the Cactus Outdoor label.

Sadly, says Cactus co-founder and director Ben Kepes, it’s New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of clothing and one of the last.

“Sadly I say, because in years gone past, factories would have had thousands and thousands of staff. This is only 100, but this is what the largest in New Zealand looks like nowadays.”

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