By Nadine Rubin Nathan on STUFF…

Over the past five years, fashion stylist and textile designer Darya Bing has been spending more time in front of the camera, an unexpected mid-life side hustle for the 46-year-old.

When foodie Sarah Tuck published her post-divorce memoir-meets-cookbook Coming Unstuck, readers were treated to more than photos of feel-good food. The scrumptious visuals sat alongside inspired portraits of a woman with long white hair, sometimes pensive, sometimes peaceful and, at least once, throwing her hair back in ecstasy.

For any woman on the far side of 40, these images were incredibly powerful and uplifting, and aspirational. This woman was so comfortable in her own skin and so happy to be alone, you simply wanted to be her. But it wasn’t Tuck herself, it was her friend, the stylist and textile designer, Darya Bing.

Since then, we’ve seen Bing step in front of the camera more and more. She’s featured in multiple campaigns, including for New Zealand labels Kate Sylvester, Marle, Mina, Juliette Hogan, Saben, Mi Piaci, Naveya & Sloane, and Dose & Co – impressive even by international supermodel standards – and numerous fashion editorials.

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