A while ago, via the medium of letters to The Press editor, John Minto challenged Dr David Cumin to a public debate on issues around Israel.

Given that Minto has got media attention for his views, seems to be influencing some of our MPs, and is the interim chair of a revamped anti-Israel group; and not wanting to be seen to be shying away from discussion, Dr Cumin accepted.

It is important that Minto’s radical ideas are challenged.

It has now agreed that the venue will be in Auckland and the moderator will be Ward Kamo (who was also the Maori TV host when Dr Cumin appeared with Roger Fowler). And it will be on the evening Oct 3rd.

Rather than agree to debate, and thus give some credence, to any moot that may demonise Israel, the topic is “Different Perspectives on Israel”.

Your support on the night would be appreciated if you can make it and any suggestions are welcomed.

For further information see the Facebook event here.