Did you miss out on some of the cutting-edge documentaries at this year’s Doc Edge Festival? Well, here’s your chance to see the ones you missed or, alternatively, all of them with the first ever Doc Edge Festival On Demand officially open!

Amongst the 11 documentaries available, there are two Israeli films – Cause of Death & Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life (which won the Ofir prize – the Israeli Oscar) plus 306 Hollywood which is about a Jewish family.

The season launched on Wednesday October 16 – and it is now possible to access it easily on the Doc Edge website at https://docedge.nz/festival/films-events/?on_demand=1.

The pay-per-view service is just like Google Play or iTunes. You will be asked to subscribe with payment details only once. Each film can be rented for NZ$7.95 and accessible for 48 hours after payment.

The following films are now available to view. Enjoy!

  • 306 Hollywood
  • Assholes: A Theory
  • Cause of Death
  • Central to the Soul
  • Johnathan Agassi Saved My Life (R18)
  • Karamea
  • More Human Than Human
  • Sakawa
  • Sunset over Mulholland Drive
  • The Men’s Room
  • The Silence of Others

But – remember it’s a limited season and will end on Monday 2 December.

This is a wonderful opportunity to keep supporting documentary filmmakers by introducing friends, family and work-mates to these 11 fantastic stories.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make it available to everyone in New Zealand, so please share with friends and family if you can and we’d love you to leave a comment or review in the community section also.

And we hope you enjoy the first ever Doc Edge Festival On Demand!