There are some whose work has changed Aotearoa. Such is the case for Ivan and Oliver Sutherland, argues Jules Older on The SpinOff…

New Zealand is rich in heroes. In science, Ernest Rutherford. In music, Kiri Te Kanawa and Lorde. For human achievement, Peter Snell and, of course, Edmund Hillary. In medicine, invention, sport, theatre, film – we’re especially rich in film – we are heroically well-endowed.

Except … we have no widely recognised family heroes where one tuatangata passes the mantle to the next generation.

It’s time we did. For the inaugural holders of this title, I nominate the Sutherlands — Ivan the father and Oliver the son. Both were (in Oliver’s case, still are) persistent truth-tellers, esteemed educators and brave warriors for social justice. Neither has received the recognition he’s earned, often at considerable personal cost. In Ivan’s case, possibly the cost of his life.

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