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A Stuff Circuit investigation, False Profit, raised concerns about Billy Te Kahika’s campaign message of truth. Stuff has released the full, unedited video of the interview at the centre of it – which includes more details about the misinformation he has spread, including an admission around comments he made on 5G.

Te Kahika, who is co-leader of Advance NZ and the leader of his own party, New Zealand Public Party, is campaigning on a platform of honesty, transparency, and accountability.

But as False Profit found, the would-be MP left unpaid bills and failed business ventures before embarking on his political career. It also reported on misrepresentations in his CV, and unease in the Jewish community regarding the anti-Semitic slant in some of his rhetoric

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In a more recent development, Facebook today shut down Billy Te Kahika’s party’s page ahead of the election… Read more on The SpinOff here.