In November 2016, New Zealand lost one of its leading photographic artists, Marti Friedlander [pictured above], who was also a well-known member of the New Zealand Jewish community.

[Read The Guardian’s obituary for Friedlander here and Radio NZ’s obituary here.]

For more than six decades Friedlander’s lens followed the lives of ordinary New Zealanders and helped shape an awareness of our diverse communities with an eye for the wild and spontaneous.

Although she is perhaps best known for her iconic image of a herd of sheep, Friedlander also worked offshore creating important bodies of work in the Pacific and Israel.

Marti Friedlander – Journeys, which is currently on show at the Auckland Art Gallery, follows the artist outside Auckland, to the islands of the Pacific and beyond.

The exhibition, which includes photographs of early modern Israel, is on the ground floor of the gallery and will be on show until 18 March.