By NZ Friends of Israel…

The David vs Goliath story is misleading

NZ Friends of Israel has been observing the responses to the latest wave of violence between Arabs and Jews with concern.

The conflict has been narrowly portrayed as a David versus Goliath conflict supported by snapshots of “disproportionate” death tolls, “home-made” rockets contrasted with sophisticated state of the art military technologies, and forced evictions.

Just relying on this information alone to decide what stance to take on the Middle East conflict between Jews and Arabs is risky.

Perpetual refugee status keeps the conflict from being resolved

In nearly all modern conflicts, displaced peoples are resettled, so that they can rebuild, and get on with their lives.

Not so in the Middle East, where neighbouring countries, in order to keep the dispute with Israel alive, refused to allow refugees to resettle, but instead have refused them citizenship and turned temporary refugee camps into institutionalized ghettos.

Some 750,000 Jews have also been displaced through the Middle East conflicts.  They are unheard of today, because they have resettled in other countries, a vast number in Israel.  They have gone on to live their lives.

For the Palestinian Arab refugee, they are stuck in a twilight zone, unable to get on with their lives, dependent on foreign aid, because Arab political leaders will not accept a Jewish state in their midst.  In so doing, creating a long-running humanitarian crisis.

Ironic, as the establishment of Israel, as a homeland and refuge for Jews, under international law, was, in itself, a humanitarian response to the Holocaust and a recognition of how widespread and deadly anti-Semitism was in the world.

As long as the world continues to fund this institutionalized victimhood, the Middle East conflict will persist.

The will to continue funding is heavily shaped by how media cover the Middle East Conflict.

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