US organisation Career Up Now has launched an AI tool called MediateHate.AI to provide instant, personalized responses to antisemitism and anti-Zionism for Jewish professionals, college students, and their allies.

The goal is to help them overcome challenging situations in a public setting. Such situations include fear of isolation during antisemitic crises; anxiety over escalating conflicts without appropriate resolution; and stress about long-term repercussions

Career Up Now founder Bradley Caro Cook said that without guidance in the face of antisemitism, Jewish students and professionals could suffer consequences to their mental health, career and educational opportunities, or personal safety.

Nothing demonstrated the fear for personal safety more than the anti-Israel demonstrations at Columbia University in April 2024, he said.

“Consequently, Columbia moved all classes online to protect Jewish students and faculty. But billionaire donors to the school will remove funding in the face of the school reinstating 12 suspended protestors.

“And in a rare, yet welcome turn of events, Google fired over 50 employees after their staged protests inside the workplace over the company’s contracts with Israel.

“CEO Sundar Pichai noted that the firings happened as a result of the employees using the company for their personal platform while disrupting co-workers and workflows.”

But Career Up Now has entered the chat on behalf of all Jewish professionals and students, Cook said.

“I cannot stand idly by as my soul aches for… the othering of those on campuses, in communities, and workplaces who want to live freely.”

JLP20500 - Groundbreaking AI solution to combat Anti-Semitism launched

[PHOTO: A Career Up Now event…]

A survey of over 2500 Jewish individuals showed most did not feel comfortable responding to antisemitism in the workplace or on campus. They also requested support on how to non-combatively communicate.

In response, Career Up Now developed a platform called MediateHate.AI, which features on-demand, real-time support via artificial intelligence, to help overcome antisemitism.

The unique tool was already the go-to first responder in the pocket of over 5000 Jewish professionals, providing immediate guidance to react effectively in scenario-specific instances, he said.

It was currently available on smartphones and computers in 20+ languages.

Cook said that to date MediateHate.AI was the most effective way to solve antisemitism in a comprehensive manner.

With its resources based upon US Department of Labor, the White House Report on Antisemitism, and the Anti-Defamation League’s best practices, the platform was outperforming other grassroots tools available today, he said.

“With the conclusion of Passover, Career Up Now is seeking to equip 100,000 Jewish college students and professionals with its self-advocacy guide and AI platform.

“Partner with us to combat discrimination in your workplace or campus and equip young professionals with essential tools.”

Now was the perfect time to join for free by downloading the self advocacy guide and accessing MediateHate.AI to stand up against hate with confidence, Cook said.

More information is available at or  on the Career Up Now website here.

Career Up Now’s mission is to equip college students and professionals to advance their careers while incorporating Jewish values into their lives. To that end, Career Up Now offers innovative networking opportunities with industry leaders and educational resources to lead a more productive Jewish life.