By Aimee Shaw on The Post (paywalled)…

A New Zealand app designed to easily identify halal restaurants and products has created a boycott list ‒ telling users what products and companies to “boycott” based on whether they are connected to ‘Zionists’.

Halal Kiwi, set up in 2021 originally as an app and recently expanded into an additional website offering, has a register of 300 brands and businesses on its “boycott list” that it claims are supporters of Israel, and either run, founded or have some connections to so-called “Zionism”, including Goodman Fielder bread brand Vogel’s and Spotlight.


The Post has seen inaccuracies and questionable descriptions in some of its listings, some that call a founder a Jewish immigrant and executives members of Zionist groups, along with incorrect information on company ownership.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, confectionery giant Mondelez, perfume brand Jo Malone and Johnson & Johnson are among global organisations included on Halal Kiwi’s boycott list.

Its website states: “This list is still expanding as we confirm the companies with any relation to Zionism.”

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