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Holocaust denial has been allowed to run rampant on Facebook and now Holocaust survivors are holding Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to task. Survivors around the world have a message for Mark Zuckerberg: “Holocaust denial posts on Facebook are hate speech and must be removed!”

This week, the Claims Conference is launching the first-ever, survivor-driven, digital campaign, #NoDenyingIt!  Holocaust survivors from around the world are recording video messages to Zuckerberg imploring him to remove Holocaust denial from Facebook. Allowing Holocaust denial on a platform with 2.5 billion monthly users is, without a doubt, a monumental blow to Holocaust education.

Eva Diamant Szepesi, lives in Germany: excerpt of her video message to Mark Zuckerberg:

“I was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz in 1944 when I was 12 years old.  My mother, my father and my little brother Thomas were murdered by the Nazis…This is my story, there is no denying it.”

We need your help – today – sharing these videos on social media, (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), to ensure that Mark Zuckerberg hears why his decision and lack of action is creating an indelible scar on Holocaust remembrance.

Beginning July 29, each day ­– every day – we will post a new recorded message from this final generation of Holocaust survivors addressing Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter.

There is no doubt that Facebook has the ability to remove these hate-filled posts. Facebook manages to comply with laws in European countries where Holocaust denial is a crime, so certainly has the technical capacity to take these posts down quickly. In the U.S., where Facebook is headquartered and where 80,000 Holocaust survivors live, Facebook is using the First Amendment as an excuse to leave mostly untouched Holocaust deniers and distorters who use the platform to spread their malicious lies and perpetuate hate.

Many Holocaust deniers have found Facebook an easy platform to voice their hatred. Denier pages make vile jokes about the six million Jews murdered, calling into question, not just the number of Jews murdered, but the existence of gas chambers, the existence of death camps and even call into question the Holocaust itself, often referring to it as the “Holohoax.”

It is clear to survivors and experts globally, that Holocaust denial is not ignorance; it is intentional, antisemitic and hateful. It is a violation of Facebook’s own “Hate Speech Community Standards.”

It’s time for Zuckerberg to accept a meeting with Holocaust survivors to better understand the personal impact of Holocaust denial.  We need your help to make this happen.

Please follow our campaign #NoDenyingIt on our social media channels and visit our website to see more messages from survivors. Take a moment – less than one minute each day ­– to like and share these compelling videos from survivors across your own networks and help us get Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to remove this hate from the company’s platforms. Sixty seconds from you, your colleagues, your friends, and your family every day until we right this wrong could make all the difference. Because there is no denying it, and it’s time Mark Zuckerberg stops the hate!

Greg Schneider
Executive Vice President
Claims Conference