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NZ M?ori lead historic event to stand with Israel

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Posted by The Israel Institute of New Zealand on Saturday, 4 August 2018


History was made on 29 July 2018 when the indigenous people of New Zealand organised a special ceremony to honour and welcome the Israeli ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Itzhak Gerberg.

Led by Ngapuhi kaumatua (elder) Pat Ruka, and joined by many Maori from around the nation, a Powhiri (welcome ceremony) was held at Hoani Waititi Marae (meeting house) in West Auckland.

The ceremony of apology, called a whakapaha, was held to express regret for New Zealand’s actions in standing against Israel at the UN and to seek forgiveness.

In December 2016 New Zealand co-sponsored the anti-Israel UNSC Resolution 2334, along with Senegal, Malaysia and Venezuela.

Many New Zealanders felt betrayed by their government’s actions and responded with letters, petitions and marches.

The Israeli Ambassador was recalled for six months, and while the relationship has since been restored, the New Zealand government has never expressed regret for its stance.

However, not all Maori are supportive of Israel.

Greens co-Leader Marama Davidson, also Ngapuhi, has stood firmly against Israel, joining the protest flotilla to Gaza in 2016 and currently calling on the government to condemn Israel’s blockade on Gaza.

Sadly, Davidson’s Green Party’s environmental concerns do not extend to the significant environmental damage caused by Hamas in recent months.

Indeed, Davidson refuses to consider both sides of the conflict and ignores the fact that Jews have held mana whenua* over the land through their continuous presence for 3,000 years, in spite of many occupiers over that period.

She seems unaware of the multicultural nature of Israeli society and the fact that, to put it simply, there are more brown Jews than white in Israel…

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