By Philip Matthews for STUFF…

Those Facebook reminders. Normally they pop up and tell you about a birthday or a holiday or some other pleasant event from the past. Remember when? The weather was great and everyone looked so happy.

Juliet Moses had quite a different one recently. She got a notification from five years ago that revealed a photo taken during the lead-up to the 2014 general election. On a defaced National Party election hoarding, former Prime Minister John Key was given a Hasidic Jewish hat, beard and sidelocks by someone with spray paint. His election slogan, “Working for New Zealand”, was transformed into “Lying Jew C——–r”.

It was an overheated election campaign, to be sure. But there was more going on than the targeting of a Prime Minister with some anti-Semitic tropes and insults that most people simply shrugged at. “Five years ago was, for many in the Jewish community, a real turning point,” Moses says. “The scab had been ripped off.”

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