Israel Institute of New Zealand director David Cumin says that New Zealand’s continued failure to condemn Hamas for attacks on Israel has become untenable and morally bankrupt:

“Over the past few days dozens of missiles have been fired on Israeli civilian centres from Hamas controlled Gaza – injuring five Israelis and damaging a kindergarten.

“Thousands of Israelis have had to run to bomb shelters which, along with the iron dome missile defence system, are the only reason that more Israelis haven’t been injured or killed.

“While Hamas continues to enact their genocidal charter and invests in terror tunnels and rockets and violent riots on the border, Israel has invested in protection for all Israelis.

“Meanwhile, not one New Zealand politician has spoken out to condemn Hamas over their indiscriminate use of missiles.

“Many other world leaders have spoken out against these continuing terror activities, including those from Italy, Canada, and the United States.

“Yet Ms Ardern – who was quick to chastise Israel for defending its own border during recent riots – is now silent in the face of unbridled terrorism.

“Once again, New Zealand is out of step with traditional allies when it comes to Israel.

“There was a time when New Zealand took an evenhanded approach to this conflict and would clearly articulate condemnation of Palestinian terror groups and actions when the circumstances merited.

“That all changed in December of 2016, when New Zealand supported a partisan UN resolution against Israel.

“It has continued with New Zealand opposition to the US embassy move to West Jerusalem and its recent failure to hold Hamas to account.”