Over the past few days there has been significant coverage of the current conflict developing between Israel and Palestine.

Sadly, much of this coverage has been one-sided and factually incorrect and we are concerned that this coverage is not being provided in a balanced way.

So we have compiled a few articles that will give you information that has not been covered well by mainstream media.

We would be grateful if you would make use of this resource, so as to ensure media balance on this issue – and we are also available, at any time, for further comment should it be required.

• The rioting on the borders of Gaza were the culmination of an orchestrated six week campaign by terrorist organisation Hamas, to infiltrate Israel and carry out their stated intention to destroy Israel. It was anything but peaceful.

• It was not primarily a response to the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem:

• The tragic loss of life was the responsibility of Hamas who have acknowledged that 50 of the 60 killed were Hamas militants:

– Israel Institute of NZ