By Zionist Federation of NZ president Rob Berg… 

Despite the many conflicts around the world, there seems to be few as emotive, and that garner as much attention, as the Israeli-Palestinian one. And whenever there is a flare up, we see a rush to judgment against Israel before the full facts are known, an uncritical embrace of the Palestinian narrative, and a disregard for context and analysis.

This has been evident once again since the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza embarked over 6 weeks ago on their “Great March of Return”, a so-called peaceful march which last Monday resulted in the deaths of 62 of their number.

Israel was condemned around much of the world, the Ambassador of Israel to New Zealand called into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, linking it to the move of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Prime Minister commented on “the devastating, one-sided loss of life”. She didn’t say how many Israeli deaths would have prevented her recrimination.

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