After disrupting the screening of an Israeli documentary in Wellington, a pro-Palestinian group says it will hold a “Die in” and form a human blockade when the film is shown in Auckland this week. Mark Jennings spoke to the director Yariv Mozer who says the protesters are missing the point.

Yariv Mozer [pictured above] is accustomed to controversy. He is an Israel film director who made an anti-war film while fighting with his unit in the Lebanon war.

His second film was about the plight of gay Palestinian men hiding in Tel Aviv after being thrown out of their own communities.

His latest documentary about Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion is probably his least polarising but, last week, was at the centre of an unusual protest in Wellington.

Police were called to the Roxy Cinema in Miramar after protestors infiltrated the cinema and chained a beeping black box to a seat

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