High-tech health gadgets will help elderly own their homes longer

Artificial intelligence aimed at helping the elderly stay in their own homes longer, by monitoring how often they open their fridge, flush the loo, switch on the light or use the tap, is coming to New Zealand.

Sensors monitor usual patterns of behaviour, such as how many times the fridge is opened each day, and those patterns are used to predict in future if someone is unwell.

The information can then be sent to the smartphone of those monitoring the person’s health, such as family.

Voice-activated alarm systems are also being introduced, with users able to call out for help around the house.

Levin-based company Securely will bring the technology to New Zealand early this year.

Securely national sales and business development manager Chris Barber said it was working in partnership with Israeli company Essence, who have 25 million devices related to tech-solutions for security, convenience, communication and healthcare installed around the world.

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