Dear Jewish Community,

I hope this email finds you well.  I am sure like many 2020 was a rollercoaster.  We are very fortunate to live somewhere so beautiful and safe like New Zealand where Covid has not had such an impact like many other countries.  The world has changed though and after a dormant year of JYF, I feel that it now needs a new direction and some fresh perspective to gain momentum again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed running JYF after taking it over from Emily Conway and Simon Kantor in 2018, who started it many years ago.

JYF continues to be a way for Jewish young families to connect in a relaxed and social environment in Auckland.  It helps to create a network (particularly with those whose children are under 5) that are looking to connect ( or reconnect) with their Jewish roots but have just moved here, not yet started school or hebrew school.  Many of us may not be from New Zealand originally and lack family support.  JYF has also provided an avenue to meet others in similar situations.  With borders closed, this connection takes on a whole new level of importance for us all.

Our Facebook group has grown immensely over the years and provides Jewish community information and resources..  Many people and organisations use it to share Jewish related events that are relevant.  In 2019 I ran a challah making session called Oy Vey Challah Day and in years past we have had an annual winter party at the YMCA with bouncy castles, games, and food.  Summer found us meeting in parks and beaches and winter events we retreated indoors.

This could be an amazing opportunity for someone who is interested in expanding their Jewish network through new friendships.  Maybe your partner is not Jewish, you moved from overseas before Covid and have not had an opportunity to meet people yet, you don’t actually need a reason to want to foster a Jewish community!  But regardless, there are many reasons for JYF to continue.

I hope that if you are reading this something resonates and you feel you could be the one to continue the Jewish Young Families network and events.  I would be happy to discuss in more detail if taking this on is of interest.  Please reach out through this email on our JYF FB group.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Lauren Savage