Hi Klezmer Rebs friends:
Before you break for the end of the year here’s some good cheer!
picture?folder=default0%2FINBOX&id=446759&uid=ii kj0zd2sa0 - Klezmer Rebs summer tour and performances announced

Catch us in the South Island if you are there in February. Or in Wellington in late March.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday break.
Follow the links below to watch a recording of us in performance:

Klezmer Rebs 2017 compilation

Anarchia Total 2009 at Magic Gardens

Klezmer Rebs play Russian Sher at Plimmerton 2018

Leibedek un Freilekh

Klezmer Rebs at Newtown Festival 2013

Klezmer Rebs 2019 tour compilation

Klezmer Rebs play Sympatique 2009

Klezmer Rebs at Auckland Folk Festival 2018

Yishama Orama – a remix of Klezmer Rebs playing Od Yishama by DJ Cut Loose

OR on Facebook  Klezmer Rebs Facebook videos

And if you decide you must own your very own Rebs recording, and want to support our wonderful musicians who can help you feel good amidst the michegas (craziness), you can download all four of our CDs for US$22.50 (or buy by the song) on Bandcamp at  https://klezmer.bandcamp.com/

OR order a physical copy of our CDs (thoroughly disinfected!) at https://klezmer.co.nz/cd-order/

And to you all a big  Zay Gezunt – be in good health!

From your favourite New Zealand klezmer band!

David Weinstein

Klezmer Rebs band