The Israel Institute of New Zealand has previously written about some of the AgriTech links between Israel and New Zealand and an interview with Arama Kukutai, who is at the forefront of some of those links.

In May, a delegation of Australian and New Zealand professionals – producers, farmers, service providers, consultancies, government, academia and banking – representing over 25 different organisations visited Israel to learn about how the country promotes AgriTech growth.

The delegation visited Israel because it has a population of over 8m (almost double New Zealand) and a land area of 22,000km2 (half the size of Canterbury), an uncertain geo-political climate, and a challenging agricultural environment with only 20 percent of the land being arable.

Israel has triumphed in the face of this adversity to become a world leader in AgriTech.

The trip was organised and managed by the Trans-Tasman Business Circle in partnership with the The Israel Trade Commission, Australia and led by Miles Hurrell, Chief Operating Officer Farm Source, Fonterra.

A report from the delegation, written by Marco Clobo, Partner of Deloitte, and Xavier Rizos, Innovation Entrepreneur In Residence at Westpac, identifies five key lessons learned.

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