Hello LIMMUDniks!

We are considering what the best format for LIMMUD NZ is, to keep enthusiasm high from both participants and volunteers. We have a lot of people who are happy to help out – and we are extremely grateful for that as LIMMUD could not happen without a large group of volunteers. However we are looking for people to step up into co-ordinator roles. We describe below the roles, as we realise that not everyone knows what it takes to run our LIMMUD weekend. Please let us know if you think you could be one of these people. We would appreciate hearing from you by 30 October by email to info@limmud.org.nz.

We are committed to providing a high quality festival event – but need to ensure we have people to organise and run your event.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key roles involved – of course there are many more volunteer tasks that get done by a much wider group of people – but this is the core of the event, and these are the people we are looking for at this time.

Steering Group Roles:

  • An event Chair – someone who has the overall picture of all portfolios, and plans meetings (with help from our administrator)
  • Programming Co-ordinator – manages the Programming team (usually about 5 people) to secure presenters and put together the programme
  • Venue Co-ordinator – works both with our partner Dio and with the other teams to make sure all our venue needs are met
  • Catering Co-ordinator – plans the menu, orders food, organises supervises cooking before LIMMUD, liaising before the event with the on-the-day catering managers who work with volunteers
  • Marketing Co-ordinator – plans email, Facebook and physical marketing, writes copy, co-ordinates with each team to ensure their key messages are getting out
  • Registration and Participant Care – organises the registration process (together with IT), answers registration queries, ensures participant needs are met
  • IT co-ordinator – runs website, loads and manages registration, ensures an IT plan for event with Programming.
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator – works with team leaders to assign volunteers to LIMMUD operational tasks, prepares rosters and answers queries. Tasks include those leading up to, during and following the LIMMUD weekend.

We also have a number of other roles although these are often done from outside the Steering Group as they are a bit more standalone:

  • responsibility for Children’s Programme
  • planning and arranging Friday night dinners
  • planning and running the shuk (market)
  • planning a Saturday night entertainment event (if this is done separately from the main Programme)

If you have any thoughts on the format for LIMMUD NZ moving forward please email us at info@limmud.org.nz and think about putting your hand up for one of the coordinating roles, if you would like to see another weekend LIMMUD NZ in 2019.

Adina Halpern, Tanya Thomson & Paul Wilton

LIMMUD NZ Trustees