[On 1 September 2019 at Diocesan School for Girls, Epsom]

Celebrating Jewish learning, culture, & community!

This is the first LIMMUD e-mail of 2019 inviting you to save the dates!

To celebrate the 11th year of LIMMUD New Zealand, we are introducing a variation to the format of events.

This year, there will be three different ways you can join the LIMMUD community across two cities:

31 August – 1 September 2019

WHEN: 31 August (Saturday evening)
WHERE: A lounge near you!
WHAT: Want to schmooze and learn in a relaxed, informal setting? Introducing LIMMUD In Your Lounge, an evening of discussions and conversations (plus Havdallah!) in homes across Auckland.

WHEN: 1 September (Sunday daytime)
WHERE: Diocesan School for Girls, Epsom
WHAT: A familiar day of LIMMUD sessions with the community, including the traditional book swap, singing, and food!

7 – 8 September 2019

WHEN: 7 – 8 September (Saturday afternoon – Sunday evening)
WHERE: Wellington Jewish Community Centre (WJCC) & Temple Sinai
WHAT: For the first time in Wellington, LIMMUD sessions will be held on Saturday evening and Sunday across two venues.

Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think would be interested in attending – all are welcome!

Coming soon: in-depth information on the different programmes listed above, exciting details about our featured speakers, and the ability for you and your friends to register.