I am searching for any relatives of Harold Hallenstein Fels. I’m currently working to put together an educational resource for the WW100NZ Project Office at the Ministry for Culture & Heritage.

The resource helps students unpack the story behind different WW1 items found at schools across New Zealand during the commemorative period.

Harold’s story first came to light at Waitaki Boys’ High School and Arthur Street School. We have permission from Hallenstein Bros. to re-produce Harold’s item in the resource but we are keen to seek family permission before publishing his story.

I’m emailing you in a final attempt to try and find a Fels family member. I’ve contacted every Fels I can find in Auckland but all of them are arrivals in New Zealand post WW2. I know, of course, that the Fels family was a prominent Jewish Family in Dunedin. It would be lovely to speak with someone connected with the family.

I’m so sorry to bother you but if you can give me any help that would be fabulous.

Emma Bettle
021 2900662