The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, in conjunction with the friends and family of Tony Haas, are pleased to announce the launch last night of the book, “Ludwig Haas: A German Jew and Fighter for Democracy”.

Ludwig Haas was a paragon of democracy in a time of uncertainty as he worked to steer the Weimar Republic through the rebuilding of Germany after the First World War. Before passing away in 1930, Ludwig saw the rise of Nazism coming in Germany and told his son go as far away as possible.

Karl Haas, Ludwig’s son, fled to New Zealand and became a sheep farmer in Pahiatua in 1938. Karl’s son, Anthony “Tony” Haas, became a well-respected journalist in New Zealand, covering the developing relations between New Zealand and its Asian and Pacific partners.

This English translation, of the original German publication from 2017, was brought to fruition by the hard work of volunteers who believed that Ludwig’s story should be told to the world.

The development of democracy in post-war Germany and burgeoning New Zealand society found in the work and beliefs of Ludwig are the building blocks for a better tomorrow.

A remembrance of Ludwig Haas was trigged in Karlsruhe by the preparation of this book launch and came as a very moving surprise.

The Germany Embassy recently had learned that the city of Karlsruhe was planning to name a street after Ludwig Haas since 2017, but after enquiries realised that the process had not been completed yet.

Earlier this week, the embassy contacted Karlsruhe again.

Because of the book launch here in New Zealand, the Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr Frank Mentrup, together with the initiator of the project, city councillor Lüppo Cramer, decided not to wait any longer, but to carry out this project at once.

Thus, the naming ceremony took place in the city of Karlsruhe on the eve of the book launch. A video clip of the ceremony was forwarded to Wellington.

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