By the Israel Institute of NZ…

Massey University has awarded a Master of Arts in Politics for a thesis that reads more like propaganda than academic literature. The thesis, supervised by Dr Nigel Parsons, essentially legitimises Hamas and its terrorism.

Dr Ran Porat of Monash University told The Israel Institute of New Zealand that the 2018 MA thesis by Nicholas Robert Brough “advances Hamas’ narrative about Israel” and

“[Mr Brough] quickly relinquishes any pretence of academic neutrality, and openly expresses positive views of Hamas… In a sense, the thesis can be understood as a tool to present Hamas as legitimate actor, completely ignoring the destructive and oppressive Hamas regime vis-à-vis civilian populations in both Israel and in Gaza and the spread of hatred and antisemitic messages on Hamas sanctioned media.”.Dr Ran Porat

The thesis was supervised by Dr Nigel Parsons, who has shown clear anti-Israel bias in the past. Dr Parsons signed an open letter that called for sanctions on Israel; has demonised Israel and ignored facts when interviewed by Radio NZ; spoke on a “Palestinian Solidarity” panel organised by a hate group; and has strong links to BerZeit University, where Hamas is praised and Jews are not allowed to speak.

More concerning, Dr Parsons has lectured annually on the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict at the New Zealand Defence Force Staff College since 2006. Before Dr Parsons, the NZDF hosted lectures from Joel Hayward, who was awarded a Master of Arts degree from the University of Canterbury for a thesis that concluded “the weight of evidence supported the view that the Nazis did not systematically exterminate Jews in gas chambers or have extermination policies as such”…

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