By David Cumin for the Israel Institute of NZ…

Two New Zealand National Party Members Parliament have challenged the government to move the Israeli embassy from Turkey to Israel.

Todd McClay, a former ambassador for the Cook Islands and Niue to the European Union and current National Party spokesperson for Trade, spoke first.

Simon O’Connor [pictured], Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, spoke immediately following. Both speeches were part of the Estimates Debate – External Sector.

Both National MPs mentioned recent discussions at the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee involving Israel. The committee discussed the error by Immigration New Zealand that wiped Israel off the map, with Mr McClay saying:

“There could be many reasons why this happened; none of them are good reasons, none of them are acceptable.”Todd McClay

Mr McClay also acknowledged the “forthright” apology from the Minister over the incident. Both MPs also mentioned discussion in the committee around where New Zealand’s embassy to Israel is based…

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