A US-sponsored resolution condemning Hamas garnered a 87-57 majority in the UN General Assembly, but fell nine votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to be adopted.

Thirty-three states abstained, and another 16 did not vote. New Zealand voted in favour of the resolution.

The resolution, presented by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley who said that the world body’s failure to condemn the clear terrorism of Hamas is nothing less than antisemitism, was doomed when a resolution put forward by Bolivia necessitating a two-thirds majority for the resolution to be adopted was approved by three votes:  75 to 72, with 26 abstentions.

Among the countries that voted  for the need for a two-thirds majority, or abstained, thereby allowing it to pass,  were Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Switzerland, Norway and New Zealand. [New Zealand abstained.]

Haley said that the demand for a two-thirds majority was nothing less than a double standard, since no such demand was made last week when the UN passed six resolutions condemning Israel

“There is nothing more antisemitic than saying that terrorism is not terrorism when it is used against the Jewish people and the Jewish state,” she said. “There is nothing more antisemitic than saying we cannot condemn terrorism against Israel, while we would not hesitate for one minute to condemn the same acts if they were taken against any other country.”

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