Israel’s latest communication satellite has just been launched into space. At the same time further good news here back on earth keeps Israel at the forefront of cutting edge and human interest developments… writes Michael Kuttner.


Israeli experts have upgraded neo-natal facilities in Ghana, saving around 700 babies.

Medical staff at the facilities were also trained by Israeli medical personnel from the Soroka Medical Center in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.

Carbyne, an Israeli public-safety communications pioneer, has partnered with Google to offer advanced mobile location to emergency communications centers (ECCs) throughout Mexico. The Carbyne automated platform requires no human interaction and improves on current public-safety communications infrastructure that cannot always accurately pinpoint the location of callers from mobile devices. Since more than 80 percent of emergency calls today are coming from mobile devices, first responders are losing critical time, the company says.

In situations where every second counts, panic-stricken callers should not have to waste time trying to describe where they are, and dispatchers should not have to risk sending first responders and resources to the wrong location.


Jewish mothers who put their foot down at home now have science on their side, after Israeli researchers showed that young children need to know who is boss.

The study, which took place across the University of Illinois and Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, showed that toddlers aged 17 months expect leaders to step up when a member of their group breaks the rules.

Since toddlers can’t express themselves verbally, researchers monitored eye contact, because infants stare longer at events that unfold in ways they don’t expect.

A total of 120 toddlers were shown a puppet show with a parent bear distributing a gift each to two young bears. In each case, one then grabs the other’s gift. In one scenario, the parent bear intervenes to redistribute gifts. In the other, the parent bear does not.

“Infants stared longer when the leader ignored the wrongdoing than when she rectified it,” said the lead researcher. This suggests that infants expect the leader to intervene and right the wrong in her group, and were surprised when she took no such action.”


Drone technology has propelled this country into one of the world’s leading countries in this field. Learn what is happening these days.


This is almost like science fiction. These new vehicles are a game changer.


A unique feature of life in Israel is the phenomenon of young men and women from many countries coming to volunteer in the IDF. They leave their families behind in order to join their Israeli compatriots in defending Israel from the many enemies it faces on all fronts. It can be a lonely and challenging experience so that when an opportunity arises to have a reunion with their mothers there is unrestrained joy on all sides.

Truly an “only in Israel” experience.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel. 

[This article was originally published on J-Wire and is reproduced here with permission from Michael Kuttner.]