By Dane Giraud on…

Imagine, if you will, an era swathed in the garb of moral progressivism, wherein the eager assertions of political correctness and woke politics serve as both shield and sword. The zealous advocates of these modern creeds argue vociferously that any opposition to their views is simply a manifestation of archaic values or an irrational fear of change. Such propositions are not, in the strictest sense, arguments at all; they are instead ungenerous interpretations foisted upon ideological adversaries without the courtesy of rigorous debate.

image 2 1 - Opinion: The kids are not alright

Take, for instance, the recent musings of our learned friend Jeremy, who, with a twinkle of ironic mirth, suggests that those who resist the rising tide of antisemitism in the hallowed halls of American universities are somehow defending the ruling class. It prompts a wry chuckle, indeed, for it is a historical truth that antisemitism has been a particularly virulent strain among the upper echelons of society—its presence on prestigious campuses being as unsurprising as it is repugnant.

The young racists, flourishing in the ideological petri dishes of academia today, are tomorrow’s corporate lawyers. MPs even. It’s a stark reminder that the seeds of bigotry sown in the fertile grounds of education can germinate into the most banal forms of societal decay.

Sorry, young Jeremy. But you are dead wrong. Students have traditionally embraced plenty of putrid causes.

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