By David Cumin…

Donna Miles-Mojab wrote that the language used about Palestinians is putting their lives at risk.

I agree that the language used by most mainstream media to report and analyse the events in Gaza is shameful and it does risk Palestinian lives.

However, we disagree about why.

Young Gazans are born into a society ruled by Hamas, a terror organisation that does not allow elections, executes homosexuals and political dissidentsrestricts the pressmisuses significant financial and material aid for terrorglorifies terrorists and martyrdom, and teaches that Israel has no right to exist.

Those who truly support the Palestinian people and want to see their youth have a chance of developing into peace-loving leaders would condemn Hamas rather than singling out Israel for sole condemnation.

Those who fail to condemn Hamas, or the mistreatment of Palestinian people in other Islamic regimes like Syria and Lebanon, appear less interested in Palestinians’ aspirations or humanity, and more focused on exploiting their plight as a political weapon against Israel.

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