By Juliet Moses on the Australian Jewish News…

“The government’s response to the pandemic will be at the forefront of every voter’s mind, but for Jewish community members, community-related issues will still have relevance.”

Three years ago, when the last general election was held in New Zealand, the Jewish community was still reeling from the National Party-led government’s role in promoting UN Security Council resolution 2334.

Passed at the end of 2016, that resolution, labelling East Jerusalem and the West Bank as occupied Palestinian territory, was co-sponsored by New Zealand. Our then foreign minister played a pivotal role in pushing it through.

Three years on, things are very different. The National Party, now in opposition and which has had four leaders since that resolution, has apologised for its role facilitating it and worked to make amends, especially through its MP Alfred Ngaro, who heads the New Zealand-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group.

New Zealand’s Muslim community suffered a devastating white supremacist attack at two mosques in Christchurch 18 months ago, resulting in 51 deaths, forcing our synagogues to shut (on police advice) for the first time ever.

And who would have foreseen then that our synagogues would have to shut a year later, due to a pandemic?

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