While many spent Easter indulging in chocolate, New Zealand’s Jewish community were eating unleavened bread and other yeast-free products.

The Passover holiday, which ends today, tells the story of Moses leading the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt.

The story goes that when the Pharaoh finally agreed to let them go free, the Hebrews had a short amount of time to leave, much less enough time to wait for their bread to rise.

So in this modern day, during the week-long holiday, we eat a form of flat cracker like bread called Matzah in place of bread, and no ingredients with yeast.

This year, a group of about 20 Jewish youth gathered on the third night of Passover to celebrate by singing songs and talking about the meaning the holiday.

The group met at a house in Auckland, occupied mostly by young Jewish tenants, where the living room had been converted into a dining room…

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