Police were called in to deal with bangers, stink bombs and noise disruptions at the first screening of the “Ben-Gurion, Epilogue” documentary in Auckland last night.

Pro-Palestinian activists in New Zealand bought tickets to the screening of a new film about Israel’s founder and first prime minister David Ben-Gurion.

They then detonated stink bombs and shouted anti-Israel slogans, forcing the invited audience to leave the hall, Hadashot News reported Thursday.

The incident in Auckland followed a similar one in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, where protesters chained a bleeping black box to a seat, according to Newsroom.

Read the full story on the Times of Israel here but please note that contrary to what is stated in the article, the audience did NOT leave the hall.

Statement from the Israel Embassy

The documentary is being shown again on Sunday (27 May) at 10am in the Q theatre and a protest by planned by “Auckland Peace Action”. Please show your support by attending the documentary, see http://docedge.nz/film/ben-gurion-epilogue/ for tickets.