Stratum of Ideations by Rachel Schanzer and Anna Molineux 

Exhibition open 15 July – 9 August 2020

Rachel Schanzer:

BA Visual Arts – University of Western Sydney, Nepean Australia (Print and Kiln fired Glass)
Diploma of teaching – Auckland College of Education
Secondary School Art teacher 28 years

Ma te marama, ka matau; Ma te matau, ka ora
Through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and well-being

The work in this exhibition is a response to My Covid19 Level 4 lockdown bubble, that caused me to let my gut wellbeing go into ‘she’ll be right’ mode. I found myself seriously looking for comfort like so many of us as I began processing this new normal.

Eating food that I react very negatively to lead me back to a low FODMAP diet. I researched and made dietary changes and alongside this had a desire to promote home grown vegetables and community sharing of excess produce. An Instagram page #easy_on_the_gut was born in lockdown to share recipes and promote homegrown produce used in many of them.

My art making practice has intuitively evolved through a process of layering and experimentation. Textures are fundamental to my process coupled with a passion for raw natural hues and a playfulness of bringing colour together in harmony.

Printmaking process in this body of work are a medley of zinc plate etching, woodblock, lino cut and eco printing. I draw, paint, cut out and re assemble to create these tactile art pieces.

I also have another collection of work in this exhibition that begins with the same print process and methods discussed above. The collection of pieces evolves into layered lino cut prints on paper.

This pursuit begins with a visual reflection of my experiences and learning as an art teacher spanning 28 years. In this work I draw from Maaori Hei tiki, whakairo (carving) and Pasifika pattern making.

These artistic traditions inform the image development and are combined with symbols from my own Jewish culture. The art works become a visual expression of cultural crossroads, celebrating long lived traditions that give meaning to place, people and life.

My exhibition history began in Australia during and post study and I have continued to exhibit throughout my 28-year teaching career here in Aotearoa.

Anna Molineux:

Anna Molineux works in a variety of mediums and is often inspired by body form, the essence and energy of our being. An award-winning artist in Printmaking and Body Art, always with a passion for colour, perspective and depth. Anna studied Interior Design in her early years and currently teaches children and adults through her school Young at Art.

A collection of layered monoprints and resin pieces exploring the essence of human energy through movement and emotion whether it be collective, in partnership or individually. How we can empower, rejoice, love and share our positive energy when expressing ourselves.

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