Wishing you a sweet New Year!

Where has the year gone? And what a year it was! It’s around this time last year that I was brought into the Library and community centre to manage it. My first challenge was finding space for the Rosh Hashanah dinner, eventually at St Johns Theological College. From there to here, it’s been quite the journey for the Library and the community.


Limmud 2017 was a fun filled packed Saturday and Sunday. The weather wasn’t the best, but that didn’t put a damper on the 500 or so people who attended! I attended a session on Small Kiwi Communities, where people from places such as Oamaru, Whangarei, and Hamilton came together to talk about the challenges facing being Jewish in small towns.

Part of my role here is to support these small Jewish Communities through providing access to library materials, so I’ll be working with the network that was set up to bring this wonderful Library closer to people living in rural Aotearoa.

Big thanks to Deb Levy who was MC for the weekend, and steered things so ably. She tells me that she was so excited by the challenge that she’s volunteered to help organise Limmud 2018! If you are keen to help assist in staging this wonderful event, please let Deb know.

Excitingly, a Hebrew School has opened on Sundays here at the Library.

Term three has finished for the Auckland Hebrew School, but Term four starts on 22nd October. Teacher Shelly says:

“As we finish our first term of studying Hebrew, I would like to send to the parents an update about the students progress this term.

We had a very busy and a very enjoyable term.

During this period the students learnt all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet except the final letters. With the learning of each letter the students have enriched their vocabulary associated with the specific letter.

A booklet and a list of words was given in order to practise and establish the knowledge in writing in Hebrew. I would like to mention that all the students shown enthusiasm, passion and actively participated in each class.

Next term will start on 22nd of October, and will run until 16th of December.

Please note that if more than 5 new students (students in addition to those already enrolled) enroll in the beginner level (Yael’s class) for next term, a new class will be organised from 12:30pm until 2pm. This helps keep the numbers of students down to manageable levels, and enables focused teaching.

ShanaTova and Gmar Chatima Tova,Shelly”

If you would like to enrol for Term Four, please email the Auckland Hebrew School  for further details.

But it’s not just about the aleph bet at Hebrew School, it’s also about the exciting aspects of festivals. Pictured below, Rabbi HaCohen demonstrates to a group of very excited and fascinated children how to blow a shofar (it takes practice!).

Well, the days are getting longer, but we still have the strong spring winds to contend with, which poses a challenge for all those who built succohs! We tied down ours very securely.

As always, happy to help you with any questions or queries, Please let me know.


We are grateful for the support of the Raye Blumenthal Freedman Trust.