Join us at RM Gallery in Auckland for Casey Carsel’s exhibition ‘Shum Klum’

Opening: 6pm on Wednesday November 6th 2019

Gallery hours:

  • November 7th – 23rd
  • Thursday and Friday 1pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 12pm – 4pm

shum : garlic
shum : nothing
klum : nothing
shum klum : nothing nothing
shum klum : a whole lot of nothing
shum makom : nowhere
beshum ofen : no way
shum klum : no nothing
shum klum : nothing

Garlic is historically tied to Jewish culture as a symbol of celebration and good health. Garlic is also bound to anti-Semitic propaganda within the concept of foetor Judaicus—‘Jewish stink’.

In Shum Klum Casey Carsel explores Jewishness and garlic, from the sweetness of tradition to the stench of hatred, and considers the allium’s journey from an everyday marker of Jewishness to nothing at all.

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