My name is Noam Friedlander and I just came across an obituary of Ted Friedlander – whom I’m very distantly related to.

Distant cousins of my grandfather – the Friedlander brothers of Ashburton – all settled in New Zealand – in the Canterbury region before moving to Dunedin, like Fred.

I’m planning a trip to New Zealand in February/March as I wanted to see the places they went to and see if I can look at any papers relating to my family.

My Friedlander relatives are:

Rudolph Friedlander (1847-1929) m. Helene Gall and had four children
(Jonas (Joe) 1879-1936, David, 1880 Otto Alber 1882-1944t and Hugo
Friedlander 1890-1960.) They were all born in Ashburton.

Then, there was:

Hugo Friedlander (1850-1928) – married twice. His children were:

Eric Friedlander (1890-1967), Olga Helene Friedlander (1892-1957) –
from Sarah Jane De Beer
Jonas Arthur Friedlander (1883-1966), Abby Sara Friedlander (1885-1885
& Laura Anita Friedlander (1886-1887) – They too were mostly born in

Max Friedlander (1851-1934) – married Henrietta De Beer.

Their children were:

Hilda H Friedlander (1883-1944), Max “Chubby” Jonas Friedlander
(1886-1958), Kate Friedlander (188-1980), Claire Louise Friedlander
(1890-1960), Emil Friedlander (1894-1973) and Doris Rosa Friedlander
(1902-1963). Again mostly born in Ashburton.

Max (Moritz) Friedlander (1854-1906) married to Emily Croucher
Marting Friedlander 1901-1968 and Otto Morritz Friedlander (1903-1994).

Hermann Friedlander (1846-1895) married twice Elise Knowles and Johanna Zander.

Their children were:

David Harris Friedlander 1872 (Elisa Emily Knowles)
Helena Friedlander 1877-1933; Regina Friedlander (1878-1947); Lillie
Friedlander (1880-xxxx); Martha Friedlander (1881-1882); Jonas Arthur
Friedlander 1883-1954; Bertha Friedlander 1884-1885 and Carrie
Friedlander (1885)

Bertha Friedlander (1835-1923) married Wilhelm Morris (dr.)

Rosalie Friedlander (1824-1893) married Itzig Zander. Their children were mostly born in Ashburton.

As you can see, that’s a large number of Friedlanders! I know what happened to some of them! But I was wondering – can anyone put me in touch with Ted’s family? I would love to meet them!

Many, many thanks and best wishes,

Noam (