My name is Ralph Altmann and I am trying to trace Michael Altman. He was the son of Felix Altmann who I believe emigrated to New Zealand (Auckland?) about 1949-1950.

Felix Altmann was my father Erich’s brother. They were in business together in Hamburg pre-war. I believe it was an office supply business called A Krause.

My father managed to get out of Germany in 1937 and came to London where he settled and married my mother Rachel. My father was a Czech citizen at that time so I assume Felix was also. I don’t know where Felix was during the war.

After the war Felix visited our house and had a big row with my father and I never saw him again. Through a lawyer in Hamburg, they claimed compensation from the German Government. Apart from that there was no further contact.

Felix may well not have been a member of the Jewish community as his wife was not Jewish. The whole family was extremely secular and assimilated.

I have no relatives on my father’s side so it would be interesting to know if there are any survivors in New Zealand.

Any help be appreciated.

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