By Sharon Brettkelly from…

When Willi Huber died last August at the age of 96 his life was celebrated as an alpine pioneer of Canterbury’s Mt Hutt ski area, a man who gave much back to the community.

But the Austrian who came here after the World War II lied on his immigration forms to turn his back on a dark past.

He spent seven decades in New Zealand before he mentioned that he was in the Waffen SS – it was first revealed on the TVNZ Sunday programme in 2017.

That rang alarm bells with military historian and journalist Andy Macdonald, who realised there was an untold story here.

“It was a hundred per cent obvious that he was Waffen SS. And there were other things that he said that would strain credulity, such as he was unaware of the events of the Holocaust, war crimes and that sort of thing while on the Russian front and in the most indoctrinated Nazi units around.”

Macdonald then worked with journalist Naomi Arnold to produce a major story for the June issue of North and South that’s been months in the making.

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